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10 Amazing Things You Must Know About Chennai

One city, many titles – The City of Arts, The Automobile Capital of India, The Birthplace of South Indian Cinema and a lot more waiting in the cue. It’s none other than, our very own CHENNAI! Either the GOOD or the BETTER or the BEST…this cunning city of Chennai has a number of interesting, attractive and amazing feathers added to its hat of fame. But, what are they? Let us peel the story together.

Here we go…


Chennai believes in “Gender Equality” While wandering on the lanes of all the prime locations at Chennai, you will find a number of female auto-rickshaw drivers doing their part in contributing towards enhancing the Indian economy. With such kind of optimistic mindset and on-going spirit, Chennai truly deserves another title of ‘The Super City’.


2) Love for LUNGI

Lungi is a traditional Men’s wear in Chennai (Tamil Nadu). On one side, wearing a lungi on a special occasion gives you the most ethnic look. On the other side, it provides you with the maximum comfort level while spending family time at home during the weekend. Lungis are available in a wide range of colours, patterns, fabrics, and sizes (even for kids). Till date, every single citizen of Chennai, whether elder or young prefers lungi over any other options for nightwear like track pant, 3/4th, bermuda, and boxers. East or West, Namma Lungi is the best!


3) SIMPLICITY at its best

From a layman to the superstar, from a shopkeeper to a jeweller, one good thing you will common amongst all of them is their simplicity. They eat simple and healthy food, they wear simple and traditional clothes, they think simple and wide & they live a simple and happy life. As simple as that!

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Tamilians have their most favorite word in common – and that’s “SUPER”! How was the Coffee? SUPER! How was the movie? SUPER!! How are you feeling now? SUPER!!! This makes Chennai the super city.


People of Chennai loves to use coconut as a key ingredient in almost all the dishes. From chutney to poriyal, from paaysam to rassampretty much in all the recipes. Sometimes even in fried rice. ; )



Saravana Stores is a very famous chain of mega-stores across the people from all the lifestyles; mass and class both. Since this store offers almost everything for everyone. It’s located in seven different prime spots across Chennai – Porur, Chrompet, Anna Nagar, Purasawalkam, T Nagar, Padi and Sholinganallur. It also has daily lucky draw winners.


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7) SOWCARPET – where Chennai meets Mumbai!

Sowcarpet is a densely populated area in Chennai – with a majority of Marwadi & Baniya community prospering theirs since generations. Its name is derived from the wordSahukar’ means money lender – which used to a profession of Marwadis. It is a magical spot where you can see ‘Chennai’ meeting ‘Mumbai’ with all the famous chaat dishes around.


Chennai’s love for gold is insane. From birth till marriage, gifting gold is their first and only choice. Romba Nalla!



Chennai has some astonishing and mind-boggling amusement parks like MGM, Queen’s Land, VGP Universal Kingdom, Kishkinta, etc. which will set your brains on fire.



Citizens of Chennai are very fond of adding an extra letter ‘s’ to almost all the English words they utter from their mouth even if they meant it is singular. Here are some super examples: WATER-BOTTLE’S’ | PUFF’S’ | TIP’S’ | CHIP’S’ | SAMOSA’S’.

All these above 10 SUPER FACTS about Chennai make it a rare, unique and usual city – which a bunch of DO’s and a flock of DON’T’s. Phewww… Mind it! : )