76 Year Old School in Coimbatore runs for a single student

A unique initiative has been making headlines because a 76-Year-Old elementary school has been reopened for just one student. The Department of Adi Dravidar and Tribal Welfare has opened a 76-Year-Old elementary school again at Chinnakallar. The school was shut down temporarily since there were zero enrolments after the school had educated one girl student during 2017-2018. 

A tea estate worker named Rajeshwari wanted to enrol her son of six-year-old to a school which is nearby but was dismayed since the local school was closed where the Adi Dravidar Welfare School was only 4 KM away. She requested the officials to open the school again so that she can educate her son and to her surprise, the officials had agreed on the request made by her. 

The principal of the school, M Sakthivel, has made a notion that Shiva will be enrolled in class 1 on the first day of the week since there was a request made from his mother. The head of the is also given surplus duty of not only taking care of the school but also making sure that the kid is well taught. The opening of the school implies that there have been special efforts made by the department. 

The history of the school is such that it was opened in 1943 in order to educate the kids of the workers who were employed at the tea estate where 300 workers abided in the locality. The school was fully functional for 70 years, where the knowledge was imparted to more than 50 students each year. Since the workers started to migrate to other areas, the school lost its shine since few years. Animal chaos is also another reason since the area Chinnakallar is at a dense forest where there are a lot of elephant attacks and menace by other animals. The region has only 15 families residing in the area. 

The school was open in 2017-2018 with a principal, and a teacher was imparting knowledge to just one student. After that, there were zero students who wanted to enrol since elephants started roaming the area where there were a door and window broken by the animal. 

The principal has made the notion that at present, there has been no such attack in the area, but the threat is still present. They have tried to convince the mother to make her son study at another school which is at Periyakallar, and if the mother agrees, the school will be closed again. 

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Written by Sanjana Murali

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