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8 Exciting Things to do in Coimbatore – Never Miss Out

8 Exciting Things to do in Coimbatore - Never Miss Out

From historic temples to attractive mountains, from magnificent waterfalls to huge dams, Coimbatore is known as “The Manchester of South India” has it all. So, while you are still making plans to visit this charming city, take a look to know what awaits you here for a picnic! 

1) Enjoy Thrilling Rides At Amusement Park

If you love adventure and excitement, head to these amusement parks with your friends and enjoy the entire day on the fascinating rides available. 

Black Thunder, Maharaja World and Kovai Kondattam are three amusement parks in Coimbatore that have some of the most thrilling rides.

8 Exciting Things to do in Coimbatore

2) Watch The Engineering Behind The Cars At Gedee Car Museum

Get ready to capture the astonishing sights of ancient cars at this museum. Gedee Car Museum displays the lifestyle work of G.D Naidu- the Edison of India.This museum is one of the few places in India where you can find cars that made in Japan, France, Germany, Britain all under one roof. Perfect place for Automobile freaks and Engineering students! 

8 Exciting Things to do in Coimbatore

3) Go On A Trek To Siruvani Waterfalls

Try this trek to break the monotony of urban life and fill up your lungs with fresh mountain air.

At a distance of 36kms from Coimbatore Railway Station, Siruvani Waterfalls also called Kovai Kutralam falls provides drinking water for entire Coimbatore city and is considered as the 2nd tastiest water in the world. 

8 Exciting Things to do in Coimbatore

4) Sample The Street Food

If there is one dish that people of Coimbatore are crazy about –  it’s Kaalaan Varuval. The dish is made from mushrooms and it’s a bit spicy. Fulfill your taste buds especially in the evenings with a cup of tea or coffee.

8 Exciting Things to do in Coimbatore

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5) Have A Meal At Sree Annapoorna Sree Gowrishankar

What else does one need to start the day? This restaurant is the most favorite veg restaurants of every Coimbatorian. If you are looking for a comfort South Indian food, head to this restaurant,sample the famed Idlis, Dosas, Vadas and Pongal with Tri-Colored Chutneys, it will not be harsh on your pocket.

8 Exciting Things to do in Coimbatore 

6) Go Street Shopping

Coimbatore is one of the biggest centres of textile manufacturing in India. People from all over India head over to the city to purchase quality Indian sarees.Make sure you shop at the Oppanakara Street, Raja street, Crosscut Road, Ranga Gounder street for handloom sarees. Don’t forget to check out silk sarees at Sri Lakshmi Silks.

8 Exciting Things to do in Coimbatore

7) Relax At Adiyogi Statue

Situated in the foothills of the mountains, a 112 feet tall mesmerizing statue of Lord Shiva. This is the world’s largest bust sculpture declared by the Guinness Book of World Records.

Best time to visit this place is on Shivaratri.

Everything that burdens you down vanishes and you start feeling light! 

8 Exciting Things to do in Coimbatore

8) Experience Wildlife At Gass Museum

If you are a wildlife lover, visiting this museum is as interesting as going on a wildlife safari. Gass museum is a Government-run natural history museum where one can see stuffed and preserved animals to make them look real.

One must also pay a visit to the “Textile Museum” to know about the evolution of spinning and weaving right from Mohenjo Daro days. 

8 Exciting Things to do in Coimbatore

Final Thoughts

There are so many excellent places to visit throughout Coimbatore to get a feel for the city’s mix of natural beauty and cultural significance. So, what are you waiting for? Pack your bags now! Happy Exploring! 

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Written by Arshiya Kauser

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