8 Super Tasty Foods That Help To Beat The Heat, Summer Drinks In Tamilnadu

Have you ever felt uneasy after eating something? Like your tummy’s turning. Not the one that makes you feel in love or homesick. The kind of uneasy that gives you acidity or a weird burning sensation. Unless you ate something foul, this usually happens because of heat produced in your body to digest that food. Most foods we eat, tend to generate heat in our body as they take time to digest. And while it’s helpful during the chilly winters, in summers it can cause a lot of discomforts.

How to go about it?

In order to put off this extra heat in your body and to fight off the heat of the environment, here are a few delicious and refreshing foods you must try out this summer.

1.Sugarcane Juice

When the sun is too strong and you’re almost dehydrated enough to not be able to function properly, nothing is more appealing than a chilled glass of juice. With not much money in your pocket to afford a fancy refreshing drink, the roadside sugarcane juice vendor is the best option.


Being a kid, everyone has had their share of scoldings to eat fruits. While it’s tough to eat a banana or an apple in summers, a well-cut bowl of watermelon fresh out of the refrigerator is the best evening snack in summers. With a high content of water in it, it not only hydrates you but also helps in reducing body heat.


A very unique fruit, also known as Palmyra fruit is a very famous food item in Kerala which is extremely cheap and can literally be afforded by anyone. With 3 pieces only for 10 bucks, you can surely give this a try

4.Lemon Juice

The drink, famous for its freshness and hydrating power, no amount of glasses of it will ever quench your love for it.


While some ice creams can be too filling and not very helpful in reducing body heat, ice lollies will surely make you feel otherwise. These flavoured balls of ice cool you off better in less than half the price of cornettos and bricks.

6.Ragi Koozh

A famous Tamil Nadu breakfast dish, called Ragi Koozh, is a kind of porridge that is gluten free and diabetic friendly. While this might not be as cheap as the rest, it’s a mouthwatering delicacy and needs to be tried by all the states of India.


7.Coconut Water

Not a very cheap option but, Coconut water does more than just beating the extra heat. Its high antioxidant properties and benefits against diabetes, it is something one must have not only for hydration but for the proper functioning of the body too.


This is one of the most common drinks among the North Indians. With the correct amount of spices and thickness, no drink beats this. While there are many kids who don’t like drinking milk, buttermilk can provide them with the dairy product intake required.

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