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9 Unique Names Of Pani Puri That Will Make You Laugh

Did you know? The yummiest and favourite chat food of India, Pani Puri is famous across all the various regions of the country with different versions and interesting names. NOW REVEALED! Have a look.


In the capital city of Delhi and the rest of the north, Gol-Gappas are the heartthrobs of all the women. After ‘pani puri’ this is the most commonly used nickname for it. They are much bigger in size although.


Fondly enjoyed in regions like Assam, Bangladesh, and West Bengal, Puchkas are the beloved evening snack for the localities as well as tourists. In contrast to pani puri, Puchkas have a different filling of mashed potatoes with sprouts.


One of the delicacies of Hyderabad, Telangana and South Jharkhand includes Gup Chup. Its name has been very interesting derived from the sound that gets created inside the mouth while having them!



The tangy and spicy water plays a key role in making pani puri such a unique chat food. Haryanwis have humble paid a tribute to it by naming it after water called ‘Pani ke Patashe’. It contains salted fried boondis too.


The name phulki denotes the swollen and crunchy textures of puri balls. This name is widely used in UP and Nepal. Phulkis are darker and crispier than the normal pani puris.


In one of the great historic places of India, Aligarh – pani puris are known with a vaguely sounding name ‘padaka. Usually one tends to produce this sound after greedily having loads and loads of “padakas” in a single go!!!


A traditional recipe of Madhya Pradesh, Tikkis are a special version of pani puri with a well-mixed filling of mashed potatoes and boiled grams – generously stuffed inside them. It tastes like heaven!


Well known across Gujarat, Pakodis is an advanced version of pani puris – topped with fried savories and accompanied with a sweet ‘n’ sour chutney made of jaggery, tamarind, and dates. This adds a super after-taste to the dish.

And of course…

9) PANI PURI itself!

The most familiar name among the chat-lovers from Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, etc.

Now you know, that as you travel the taste of this super dish changes from place to place and it only gets better! So the next time you visit a chat shop anywhere in India, order it with its local nickname there!