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Apartment in Chennai saved 30,000 Litres in one hour

Apartment in Chennai saved 30,000 Litres in one hour

An apartment complex which is located in the IT corridor in Chennai called Sabari Terrace is making headlines because it is saving water through its 25,000 sq ft terrace. 

Everyone knows that Chennai is facing a lot of water woes and is in the middle of a water crisis. At this juncture, Chennai residents are showcasing their innovative ways of saving water as much as possible. The apartment in the city has saved 30,000 litres of water within an hour. This truly marks for inspiration and is a notion which everyone should adopt. 

Apartment in Chennai saved 30,000 Litres in one hour

The nitty-gritty about the complex is that it houses 56 families where it uses rainwater for three months in a year since the building does not include a piped water supply. The secretary of the resident’s association Harsha Koda quotes, “When we recharge groundwater, we have to wait for six months for it to get into our wells to use that water. But on OMR (Old Mahabalipuram Road), where there is no piped water, we need water now. So, if it rains today, we collect the water, and in two hours we get to use it. Thirty thousand litres mean we save around Rs 5,000”

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Giving us primary motivation to apply rainwater harvesting, the wife of the secretary Prabha Koda quotes, “From every square foot of terrace surface area we can take one litre of water if it rains for an hour. It’s as simple. We have a 25,000 square foot terrace, and we get at least 25,000 litres in an hour. If there’s a three-hour downpour we collect one lakh litres, completely filling up our tanks with rainwater sufficient for the 56 flats for three days” 

Last year, the rainwater was used to recharge the groundwater, but now the community wants to collect and use water for their needs. The water is stored in underground tanks after being treated and then the remaining flows into the ground. 

Since this well-known method has been successfully implemented, it has influenced many other nearby residential areas i.e. communities and apartments to parallel their model and save water the natural way so that the city can be out of the much emasculating water crisis. 

The apartments and communities across the city should direly adopt rainwater harvesting since that is the fastest solution to save water in India. 

Since the present conditions are not in our favour, it depends on us citizens to utilize the most effective ways to save water.

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