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Here Are The 10 Things We Know About Tamil Actress VJ Chitra’s Death Case So Far

Here Are The 10 Things We Know About Tamil Actress VJ Chitra’s Death Case So Far

VJ Chitra’s death is a suicide case and there is no foul play involved in this, confirmed Doctor Ria Das on Thursday. 

VJ Chitra, a 29-year-old Actor and a television host who is known for her hard work in Pandian Stores. On 9th December, she was found dead in a hotel room in Chennai. Her family said that she was physically abused by her husband while the police confirmed that it was a suicide case. In August VJ Chitra got engaged to Hemanth and it was reported that they were all set to get married in January. It was also reported that they had a registered marriage two months ago. Before the suicide, the last person whom Chitra spoke to was Hemanth. 


1. On Wednesday, the 9th of December VJ Chitra was found dead. It was reported as a suicide case by the hotel room in Nazarathpet, Chennai.

Here Are The 10 Things We Know About Tamil Actress VJ Chitra’s Death Case So Far

2. It was reported that she was shooting at EVP film city on Wednesday till 2:30 am. Her husband informed the police that as soon as Chitra came from the shoot she went to take a bath. She took a longer time than usual on that day. At that point, Hemanath was restless and started knocking on the door and called the hotel staff. The staff came running with a duplicate key to open the door. Later she was found hanging from the ceiling fan. 

3. After the postmortem, the doctors confirmed on Thursday that her death was just suicide and there was nothing else involved in her case. But her family is making the further investigation into this case said by an investigation officer. 

4. The RDO (Regional Divisional Officer) investigation takes place only when a woman who is married for 7 or fewer years dies in a suspicious manner. In VJ Chitra’s case, an RDO started an investigation on December 14.

5. Her father, who is a retired cop, filed a police complaint in the Nazarathpet police station asking for a fair investigation in his daughter’s case. 

6. Vijaya Kamaraj, Chitra’s mother, reported that her daughter was suffering from physical violence by her son-in-law. Times of India also states “she was beaten to death…” She also said that Chitra spoke to her mother stating that she will be late for the show the next morning. Later Chitra’s father-in-law called telling that she was no more. Chitra’s mother is stunned by this. 

Here Are The 10 Things We Know About Tamil Actress VJ Chitra’s Death Case So Far

7. According to Chitra’s last post on Instagram, it is reported by multiple platforms that it seems like she is under depression. It is shown in a picture she shared on Tuesday night.

8. Chitra posted a message to Hemanth on Instagram back in September posting, “I am who I am because of you. We may have our challenges, our stumbles, and our disagreements, but as long as we are still together and love one another, nothing else matters.”

9. As per the NDTV report. A senior police officer reported one of the reasons to suicide is a financial crisis. “She had registered her marriage only recently. We suspect finance issues. We have not recovered any suicide note. The post-mortem is over”. 

10. On 15th December, Hemanth VJ Chitra’s husband was arrested by the police for encouraging suicide. He reported that he didn’t like the way she enacted on TV and he has also pushed her on the day she committed suicide. 

On further investigation, Sudarshan, an Assistant Commissioner of police reported that Hemanth was very inflamed about some scenes shot by Chitra for a television serial. 

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