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Here’s why Sundar Pichai refused to take stocks worth millions

Sundar Pichai is the current Chief Executive Officer of Google Inc. He has been much appreciated for his advance work in the field of computer engineering and is ranked as one of the most successful Indians in his field. A vast amount of Google’s success is credited to him.

However, in recent news, the unbeaten 46-year-old has turned down a great offer. Google CEO since 2015 and has recorded to be one of the world’s highest-paid corporate executive for years now. A large share of the stock was offered to Mr Pichai last year, but he refused the offer generously. He says he’s getting paid enough.

As Google grows successful every year it is likely to assume that a spike in the salary can be expected. He has especially acted a crucial member during crisis  – the antitrust violation in European Union, Congressional hearings and protests over military projects in the United States. Reportedly, the CEO has not received any stocks in the past two years.

A Google employee questioned the CEO’s massive income pointing out the low-level workers struggling financially in the silicon valley. While it is however unclear regarding the salary but a bug payday followed by stocks could have sparked countless questions.

It has come to notice that the board of  Alphabet Inc is scheduled to revisit Pichai’s salary later in the year 2019 , by which  Google CEO’s previous stocks – which includes restricted stock worth about $250 million in 2014, stock worth $100 million in 2015 when he took over as the Google CEO and stock worth $200 million in 2016 – would have vested.

If the Sundar Pichai rejects further stocks that will be offered in the future, it would be considered historic in the unique position of CEO in the entirety of the silicon valley. It is still a mystery as to what he plans to do in the future, especially as the CEO hasn’t passed any hints of him leaving the cooperation any time soon.

Money may finally not be the reason for working at high positions. The idea behind Pichai’s decision may be that at last, he has had “ENOUGH”.

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Written by Sanjana Murali

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