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IMA Mansoor Khan says he wants to return to India

IMA’s founder Mansoor Khan is in the news again after releasing an 18 minutes video on his Official Youtube Channel to the police commissioner Mr Alok Kumar.

In the video, Khan confesses to running out of the country and narrates how he tried to return back to India on June 14th but was stopped by the immigration authorities and offboarded due to legal reasons. However, he has not disclosed the current location.

In the opening minutes of the video, Khan names a bunch of people who are responsible for his downfall. As the video progressed, there is more surprises as he himself requesting for a CBI probe into his own scam and says that he will expose all the politicians involved at central and state level along with corrupt officers, who allegedly took money from him and bought his business to stand still and in the long run brought down his business. 

Further in the video, Mansoor Khan alleges that his life is in danger and all those who were close to him and now plotting to kill him. 

He states that his 87 years old grandmother, 65-year-old mother, his four wives and kids are in danger. His family was being harassed by goons very, and he had to hide his family in unknown places and has to flee the country for his safety.

Mansoor Khan tells that his company has given a whopping amount of Rs 12,000 crores as profit from his business entity to investors. He also says that he has returned back the capital investment of Rs 2000 crores. He confidently tells that he has run the real business with investors money and not a PONZI scheme. He further says that IMA has helped around 21,000 families with a monthly share in investment and helped 18,000 children by paying the educational needs.

Mansoor Khan’s video has given hope to investors who were heartbroken but now feel they feel that their money will be returned back to them as Mansoor Khan has promised to return to India and repay investor’s money by liquidating IMA’s and his assets worth 1350 crores.

This video has created a virtual storm in social media and news channels with many pushing the JDS-Congress led Karnataka government to move the investigation to CBI and bring back the kingpin to recover the money.

The BJP which is the primary opposition party in the state and the ruling party at the centre has hit out at the Karnataka CM HD Kumaraswamy who is seen attending a function along with the accused in a picture.

With the Karnataka government appointing 11 members as SIT team, now remains to be how they move this case further as they have made 13 arrests so far and now Mansoor Khan asking for protection to return to India.

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