Indian Web Series with a budget of Rs1000 Crores – Check Out

Mr Perfectionist Aamir Khan has begun working on the much ambitious project of Rs 1,000 Crore Mahabharata post Thugs of Hindostan release. The proficient actor will be acting in a powerful role in which we are much awaited to watch. The actor along with the Mahabharata team will be rendezvousing to the United States for not only writing but also conceptualizing on the particular concept for his upcoming ambitious project.

The Dangal Actor is contemplating to turn Mahabharata into a series of seven-parts where each of the seasons will be given a different direction by different actors. The project will be divided into a web series that is a perfect structure for the anticipated magnum opus.

The PK actor will be playing the character of the Vasudev- Lord Krishna in Mahabharata and to negate the load of including big stars into the web series, the actor is going to including new cast into the movie. It was made a notion earlier that Aamir will be casting Deepika Padukone on board in order to portray the role of Draupadi in the mythological series. If everything falls right, Aamir and Deepika will be seen on the screen together for the very first time. It is all about if Deepika will consider playing the historic character after Padmaavat.

Aamir had conveyed earlier to Filmfare while promoting Secret Superstar that his dream project is to make Mahabharata but he is afraid of initiating the project since it will consume 15-20 years of his life. He has also said that his favourite character is Karna but he is not sure if he will be able to play it due to his physique. He further said that he also likes the character of Arjun since he was the only person who asked Krishna as to why he killed his own people.

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Written by Sanjana Murali

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