Meet 9-Year-old school girl donates her savings to Chennai Police for installing CCTV

S. Srihitha, a 9-year-old III standard student from Chennai, has donated 1.5 lakhs of rupees to the Chennai city police for the purchase of 30 CCTV cameras. She has saved this money for her birthday celebrations.

A few days ago she came to know about the Chennai police’s initiative called the ‘Thirds eye”.

This aims to install cameras at every 50 meters in the city. It will promote safety on roads, at traffic junctures, catching culprits at silent zones and also serve as a deterrent for traffic rules breakers.

Srihitha came to know about this initiative after the Chennai Police has conducted a workshop at her father’s workplace. The assistant commissioner of police had laid down the significance and importance of CCTV cameras for the safety of the society at large.

Srihitha was totally inspired by the ‘Third Eye’ project and wasted no time in convincing her father to the save money of 1.5 lakhs rupees towards the purchase of 30 CCTV cameras.

Along with her father Mr Sathyanarayana and brother Yatin she met City Police Commissioner Mr A.K Viswanath and handed over the cameras.

Chennai police were taken aback by this kind gesture and decided to award the young girl at the inauguration ceremony of “Third Eye.”

The gesture by the girl and the city police has earned a lot of praise in social media for her wholeheartedness. Some users point out that Srihitha has done her bit towards building the nation, and it is time for adults to contribute it.

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