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Meet “Birdman of Chennai” who feeds 8000 Birds a Day

The minute we stop our car near the traffic signal, we often see a dirty woman with a child in her arms coming towards us or a paralyzed person tapping the car window asking for alms. Have you ever considered looking them back? We see these people near railway stations, temples, tourist spots etc. 

Out of pity, or out of fear from being cursed by God we tend to give some coins and shoo them away. 

When we don’t show love and affection to our own human beings, other creations like animals and birds we don’t even consider. 

In the hustle and bustle of Chennai’s Royapettah area – let’s meet Mr. Joseph Sekar, an enthusiastic bird lover who feeds thousands of parakeets daily. He is popularly known as the ‘Birdman’ of Chennai. Some people even call him as “kili”- meaning parrot in Tamil

Meet "Birdman of Chennai" who feeds 8000 Birds a Day

How it started know-how

Sekar, a 62 year old camera mechanic by profession used to put rice and grains with water on his parapet walls of his rented house for sparrows and squirrels. 

1 2 3 goes on and on

Sekar’s connection with the parakeets started when Chennai was hit by the Tsunami in 2004.Two parakeets came to Sekar’s house in search for food. Two parakeets brought 10,and it started to multiply. Ten years later around 8000 parakeets knock at Sekar’s door for food daily without fail

What’s on the menu? 

Sekar spends 40 percent of his income on feeding his birds. He wakes up at 4am to prepare rice for his green friends. He devised a system of placing the food on the wooden planks where he puts out nearly 30kg of rice twice a day, one in the dawn and the other in the dusk. If he earns more on a particular day, he feeds with guava or American corn. 

The number of parakeets varies from 2000 during summers and rises upto 8000 when the weather cools down. Sekar even turn down the invitation from the governor of Meghalaya who called him to increase the bird population in the north eastern state owing to birds.From the last 15 years not one meal has been missed by Sekar. 

The house of Sekar has become a major attraction for the tourists. For the passersby, it provides a beautiful sight to view the carpet of green in the busy street. 

Meet "Birdman of Chennai" who feeds 8000 Birds a Day

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A point to be noted

We offer food to crows only on “Amavasya” (No moon day). Who cares about the birds and stray dogs who roam around hungry on other days? Trees provide homes for many animals and birds. Cutting them creates less space,less shelter and less food for their prey.Human alone cannot make this world, it is the duty of every human being who is blessed with 6th sense to care for other living creatures. Hats off to Mr. Sekar. The world needs more people like you. 

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