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Mr.Local movie actress claims that a director asked me to sleep with him to get a role in Vijay Devarakonda Film

This is what actress Shalu Shamu has revealed about her experience with the #MeToo movement.

Here ye! Here ye! There is buzzing news in the Tollywood tinsel town, and it all has to do with the young supporting actress Shalu Sham, from the Tamil cinema, that has been a victim of the infamous casting couch and boy, it does get on our nerves. Actress Shalu Shamu has revealed that the director has approached her for sexual favours in order to get a role in an upcoming movie with the popular actor Vijay Devarakonda. Shalu Shamu was not hushed about it and took to her social media platform, i.e. Instagram and Twitter which has a huge fan following and revealed everything through her Instagram story while she was answering to one of her followers.     

Shalu Shamu has appeared in the movie Varutha Padatha Vaalibar Sangam as the lead actresses’ friend and was last seen acting in a small role in the film Mr.Local. Shamu had posted an Instagram question story where one of her followers asked “Are you affected by Metoo?? Only so I think you get so fewer chances for being straight forward” to which she replied “Even I have come across #MeToo but I don’t wanna complain regarding this because I know how to handle myself as a grown-up kid. In case if I complain about what is the use? Do you think the opponent party is going to accept it wholeheartedly? Crazy World.  She further wrote “Very recently I got an approach from a famous Director to sleep with him to get a chance in his new movie with Vijay Devarakonda” and ended with the hashtag #STOPWHERETHEYSTART

In a recent video interview, the actress restated her statement by saying “I did not answer to that follower to create controversy. Even If I made it public now, the one who approached me would not accept. I myself haven’t believed many people’s allegations as they didn’t produce any sort of proof. So no one will believe me if I reveal such an incident without proof. So I decided not to say about it public.”

She also further stated that she was not tortured by him continuously and there is no point in revealing it now. But she has experienced such a heinous thing from a director. She won’t regard every male in the industry to be a predator since she has worked with genuine filmmakers.

The trending #MeToo movement in South India has seen many reveals from actress stating their despicable experiences and has given them the much-needed courage to speak out about those situations and experiences.

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Written by Sanjana Murali

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