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Shocking! Alcohol Flows From Water Taps In Kerala Homes

Shocking! Alcohol Flows From Water Taps In Kerala Homes

How will you feel if you see liquor flowing from your taps? 

This is what happened to citizens of 18 residential families living in Kerala’s Chalakkudy. The people of Solomon Avenue Flat near to the KSRTC bus stand located in the Thrissur district of Kerala were shocked when there was Liquor flowing in their water taps.  Manorama online has reported that 18 families faced these issues on their taps after thorough checking and investigation.

After the investigation of this scenario, it was found that a group of Irinjalakuda officials have disposed of about 6000 litres of beer and similar liquor spirits to a hole near to the apartment.

Shocking! Alcohol Flows From Water Taps In Kerala Homes

The Solomon Avenue Apartment building owner, Joshy Malliyekkal, makes a statement to the TNM about the issue. He says that there was a bar named Rachana Bar located next to our apartment, and it was shut down six years back. The excise departments closed it. The department has now completed the respective formalities to be performed for the liquor disposal, and the officials have poured all the sealed alcohols in the pit next to our apartment.   

The pits near the apartment were so close, and there was just a compound wall separating the Pit and the Solomon Avenue Apartment. Once the department poured the liquors, it mixed with soil and started flowing in the Solomon Avenue Apartment water taps. The poured liquors spoiled about 20,000 litres of drinking water that the 18 residential families use regularly.

Shocking! Alcohol Flows From Water Taps In Kerala Homes

The apartment owner Joshy also stated the families of 18 flats make use of the water for bathing, drinking, cooking, and for every home purpose. The Whole Solomon Apartment is now paralyzed because of the excise department’s careless act.

The families of Solomon Avenue Apartment booked a complaint about the liquor smell on their taps to the Police of Chalakkudy. The health officials and Municipality tested the water and confirmed that there was liquor present in the water. After this, 5000 litres of drinking water were provided to the Apartment people in tankers. 

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What is the current situation?

The department has now set up two lines of water connection and a separate tank in the Solomon Avenue Apartment. The owner of the bar has agreed to provide the expenses of the water supplied to the resident of the apartment until the wall is restored completely.

TK Sanu, Deputy Excise Commissioner, has reported that the Irinjalakuda circle Inspector and other excise officials were not aware of the open well near the apartment. He also said that they used to dump and resort to a vast quantity of Alcohol by distilleries. 

In this case, it was only 2000 bottles, and therefore the officials decided to dispose of the liquors by digging a pit. The officer is responsible for any harm caused to the public and environment due to the liquor disposal. So there is going to be a complaint registered on to the district collector, MP, MLA, Thrissur Police Commissioner, and Municipality regarding this careless act.

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