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Shocking! Apple fans are disappointed with the awkward design of Iphone XI

The Apple fans are in major disappointment with the new iPhone design

Rumours are going around everywhere that Apple’s future iPhones will be the company’s most unattractive or boringly designed devices. There were renders cited regarding the forthcoming iPhone which showcased a camera set up on the rear of the phone which looked terrible. There has been one more set of render that has been lately disclosed which can affirm that the disappointment with the iPhone’s intriguingly crafted phone will not end soon.

Ben Geskin’s design of the concept of hands-on is essentially exposing XI Max and iPhone XI that comes with a system of triple-lense camera that is powerful, which can make a dull impression on the users. The Apple fans are very disappointed with the awkward design of the upcoming iPhone. Some of the Apple fans have portrayed their notion that the design might look better once the physical model comes in their hand but the hands-on renders of the phone will not make any difference. Geskin was deluged by almost 900 comments where almost all of them expressed a negative or hilarious notion. The highest ranked hilarious response was, “Horrible design….it looks awkward” and “Steve Jobs would’ve fired everyone.”

At this juncture, it might not be suitable to say that Apple will not hear the customer’s feedback and will go up-straight with that boring design since the Cupertino tech giant has until September to launch the iPhone XI and XI Max. It should also be noted that the triple camera design of the popular device is not yet confirmed at the moment since the previous rumours have suggested that a variable horizontal structure of cameras is in contrast to the vertical one, as it is seen in the previous iPhones.

Let us hope that the tech giant does not disappoint its customers since the iPhone has been at the top of the pyramid since time immemorial.

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Written by Sanjana Murali

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