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Shy To Buy? Chennai Based Startup Sells Products You’re Too Shy To Buy In Stores

So, you are walking up to the cash counter with your items in your hand. You wonder to yourself “Are people going to know why I am buying this? After all, who wants your cashier to be the first person to know your private businesses? To some, buying such products means entering a Hall of shame. People stare at us with their jaundiced eye. Has this ever happened to you?

Well, there’s always a solution for everything! is a Chennai- based online shopping platform for items people usually feel shy to think to buy from a store. 


Started in November 2012 by two engineering graduates Arul Oli and Vivek Raja of Crescent Engineering College,Chennai. Shycart now runs with a team of 7 members who are totally dedicated and passionate about the venture.

Shycart - An eCommerce store for personal and healthy life

How Shycart is different from other? 

Most of the eCommerce sites in this category contains only sexual products whereas Shycart as the name suggests is not limited to sexual products but shy products of all ranges. 

Things You Can Buy From Shycart

As you might have guessed, Shycart has various categories including menstrual products (organic sanitary napkins,cloth pads, menstrual cups),pregnancy test kit, fertility products (lubricants,condoms) ,undergarments,adult diapers along with Q and A section which provides the customers a little bit of knowledge before buying it. 

Shycart - An eCommerce store for personal and healthy life

Apart from these, Shycart also offers services like baby planner and HIV testing online with 100% accuracy and privacy. 

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The Secrecy In The Delivery! 

  1. The product is sent in a plain white box 
  2. No product name or company logo on the packaging
  3. The delivery boy is kept unaware what’s inside
  4. No mention of Shycart in the packaging
  5. Cash On Delivery is also available

Shycart - An eCommerce store for personal and healthy life

The Response

In conversation with Insydfeed, Vivek Raja told that the company is currently shipping over 1500 orders per month. Talking about the demographics, female customers are more than males, probably because of the product range.

What Makes It Awesome

This site is made so simple with a clean layout,people without any technical background would definitely appreciate it.You will be able to find anything easily you need on this site.Well done to the team! 

Shy To Buy? Chennai Based Startup Sells Products You're Too Shy To Buy In Stores

Many entrepreneurs shift their base to Bengaluru once their startup attains a certain size. With entrepreneurs like Vivek Raja who stayed in Chennai, we can proudly say that Chennai is quickly turning into a new hotbed for startups. 

Do give a try and let us know your thoughts! 

To know more about Shycart visit –

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Written by Arshiya Kauser

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