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These 8 Stories Will Tempt You To Start A Company

These 8 Startup stories will inspire you to start a company

It all starts with an idea. Then comes the courage to work on that idea…. followed by determination and aspiration. Today, we will be flashbacking to some success stories of startups which became brands later. Let’s take a sneak peek at the lives and backstories at those entrepreneurs who are the inspiring the gen-next to follow their footsteps towards success and excellence.



The idea for ‘Freshworks’ – a Chennai based startup company clicked in the mastermind of its founder Girish Mathrubootham in 2010. Once when he returned back to Chennai from the United States, he found that his LCD TV was got delivered in a damaged condition. He complained & waited for several days to get proper response from the shipping company but it never happened. Out of high disappointment, he finally slashed them off on their social platform. Executives came and resolved the issue. This is the point where the idea for ‘Freshworks – a customer support software’ took birth. Today, it has a wide range of heavily consumed quality products. Recently, it also won the title of ‘New Unicorn of India’.



Out of these three co-founders of RedBus- Sudhakar, Charan, and Phanindra… once Phanindra could not visit his home for Diwali celebrations, the reason being unavailability of a bus. And, this is where it all started way back in 2006. The idea behind RedBus was simply to make bus tickets easily available for the commoners. Later on, it involved hotel booking as well and created a remarkable history.



Travelling in cabs was never this much fun before. All the credit goes to Ankit Bhatia and Bhavish Aggarwal – the co-founders of Ola Cabs. The idea for OLA Cabs clicked to their masterminds during their college days, after experiencing a bad trip in a rented car. They wanted to make hiring cabs easier, cheaper and clearer. In some years down the line, ola cabs became a necessity for Indians, more than a luxury.



What is famous known as ‘Zomato’ today was launched in 2008 first with the name ‘’ by co-founders Pankaj Chadda and Dipinder Goyal. Initially, they had no fund at all leading to slower and gradual growth. But within the next 2 years, it became the most promising site. Today, Zomato has a spectrum of around 400K restaurants over 30 countries.



This mind-boggling story of Flipkart started way back in 2007. Two Alumni of IIT-Delhi, Binny and Sachin Bansal were working for Amazon. With experience, they dreamt of creating something extraordinary of their own. They initially started off with a very small bookstore located in a 2BHK apartment in Bengaluru. Within few years, that bookstore went through a revolution and became India’s largest e-commerce website! In 2017, during its famous ‘Big Billion Days’ campaign, Flipkart sold 1.3 million phones in just 20 hours. During its journey, it acquired Myntra as well. Whereas in 2018 with 77% stakes, Flipkart was acquired by US retail giant Walmart.



This inspiring story of Paytm starts with an incredible journey of its founder, Vijay Shekhar Sharma. Being a teenager, Vijay did exceptionally well in his secondary exams. But due to his poor English speaking skills, he missed his desire to enter IIT. This led him to spend more time on the internet for learning. As a result of which, Vijay built his first start-up in college called ‘XS communications’ dealing with content management systems. His consistency made him launch Paytm – formerly only a mobile & DTH recharge platform. Now, it has new gems added to its crown – Paytm Payments Bank, Paytm Mall, ATM outlets, debit cards, etc.



Overcoming all the barriers, FreeCharge emerged out to be what it is today. In 2010, Sandeep Tandon and Kunal Shah launched FreeCharge with a core idea to create a neutral bridge between retailers and consumers – offering equal profits to both the ends. On a later stage, FreeCharge collaborated with a number of big-shots in entertainment industries – backing them to promote their upcoming ventures. In 2015, Snapdeal acquired FreeCharge which was considered to be the 2nd biggest takeover in the Indian e-commerce sector. In 2017, FreeCharge was acquired by Axis Bank for 60 million dollars. Kunal in 2018 started his new venture called CRED – making credit card payments more fruitful for the consumers.


8) OYO

As the name of this company says ‘On Your Own’, its founder Ritesh Agarwal too at a tender age of 18 years (in 2013) started it all on his own. Being a travel freak himself, Ritesh was completely aware of the problems a traveller faces in the journey – mainly the accommodation! This is where it all started. Firstly, he launched ‘Oravel Stays’ – hotel booking site. It later through a revolution and got the name OYO making it much more user-friendly. Now, this small start-up has spread over 9000 hotels across 400 countries. It covers accommodations from budget hotels to seven stars. A huge spectrum, just like a rainbow!


Feeling inspired? Go, grab that vague and weird idea crawling in your mind, work hard on it and make all your dreams come true. Best of Efforts!

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