Who’s the Trivago guy? Here’s all you need to know about him

Trivago is a German based MNC which offers an online search engine for a hotel with best prices, accommodation and star ratings in 56 and more countries across the world.

In each of these countries, Trivago follows the unique concept of not engaging any popular actor or actress for their advertisements, rather they opt with new faces and those new faces become famous because of Trivago and they become the face of Trivago.

One such guy is Abhinav Kumar, the face of Trivago in India. He shot to fame with his advertisement of Trivago and is popularly known as the “Trivago guy”.

Abhinav Kumar is not a regular model and his tryst with acting was not destined one.

The casting agency (Castingtree) was not finding the right model to make the Trivago ad in 2016 and hence the brand marketing head at Trivago asked Abhinav Kumar to do the shoot, who is also the country development head for the Indian region.

Abhinav says in an interview that initially he was reluctant to do the ad himself but in the end, he is a happy man because it got people curious about him and they have got to know how he really is.

For the first shot of the Trivago Ad, it took around 100 takes for Abhinav, but he learnt the art acting rather quickly and in the next shoots he did them in 2-3 takes.

Abhinav hails from the state of Jharkhand in India, but he lives in Germany. Whenever he visits India, people recognise him instantly as the “Trivago guy and rush to take selfies with him. Which he acknowledges with a wide smile.

But he has also been at the centre of Meme culture in India. He is positive thou because it has helped his company to garner attention and ensure people try Trivago at least once after seeing the ad on TV.

Abhinav says the Ad was based by a unique concept called “power of proof”.

The team at Trivago has first tested the ad in a closed sample survey and followed it with tests on online video campaign before it was launched on TV and finally now that everyone is speaking about it, it seems a unique concept is working and Abhinav Kumar is a popular guy in India just like the Airtel girl !

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