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Why Chennai Bus Day Celebrations is getting Viral – All you need to know

Chennai public is not new to the celebration of “Bus Day” which is celebrated by some of the government arts college students in Chennai.

Bus day is celebrated with the same vigour as farewell day. This has been in practice since last 50 years in Chennai as Thanksgiving by the final year student for the bus driver and conductor for their bus route.

Everyday student travelling on the specified route will ignore all the empty and half filled buses and will board only that specific bus which they have named as route bus. This bus will have majority student crowd, and the students will always stand on the stairways and sing local Tamil Gana songs made by their own words which tease women. Where some of the songs are filled vulgarity, but most of the songs are about college life, travelling, bunking college and friendship.

In the year 2011, Madras high court had banned this event, and almost all of the private arts & science college have given strict warning to their students against indulging in such activities, and it has been abolished.

However, last week a video of students falling from a slow-moving is going viral.

The police were quick to identify and arrested 17 students from Pachaiyappas college who were travelling on the bus from Avadi to Anna Nagar.

The students were swinging identity cards, and one student even had removed the bus number board and seen dancing with the board.

This metropolitan Transport Corporation (MTC) with number 27H is seen moving at a snail pace with students on the right, left, inside, outside and on the roof.

A student in a bike who is driving in front of the bus suddenly loses balance and brakes, and hence the bus driver has no choice but to apply his breaks, as he does this. A bunch of 20 students fall right in front of the bus and near the front wheels.

Chennai police had registered FIR on the 17 students for creating public nuisances but have left them in bail after getting written assurance from their parents.

Insydfeed spoke to Sarfaraz Ahmed, “a former student from the New College who lived in Pursawalakam, he says that this act began on 1969-70 as a thanksgiving gesture, with the students decorating the bus, putting garland to the bus, gifting new clothes to the bus driver and conductor and enjoying their travel with their friends, this trips last between 1 to 2 hours on the busy roads.

However, he regrets that “Bus Day” incidents have turned unruly, and some time is embedded in violence as well.

He has also said that the student union chairman of the college, popularly known as “C” must give his college identity card along with few others students to the MTC bus depot where they take the bus. He is also responsible for returning the bus without any damages”

However these days, these students hijack a regular passenger bus and turn it into bus day celebrations.

The general public which is at the receiving end of such activity is highly agitated and has time and again urged the traffic police to look after such unruly events and urged the principal of the respective college to teach mannerisms and discipline to their respective college students.

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