Why Sunny Deol may lose his MP Seat – Shocking

The winner of the Lok Sabha chair which is on the BJP ticket, the actor cum politician Sunny Deol might be sacked away by the Election Commission (EC) because of his surplus spending while the campaigns were being done. The EC is pondering over this so as to issue the notice to the well-known actor Sunny Deol where he has spent more than Rs 70 lakh for the election campaign. The Sholay actor has emptied Rs 86 lakh for his election debut while the campaigns were conducted.  On May 15th, there were a further Rs. 1.74 lakh added to Deol’s poll expenditure since he had failed to answer the query about a Facebook page which was being handled in his support and the EC had issued the directions.

Sunny Deol may lose his MP Seat - Shocking

The poll watchdog received complaints since Sunny Deol has exceeded the limits of the expenditure which was set by them. The Election Commission has made the notion that there will be a strict action towards these MPs since they have exceeded the limit of the expense. The candidate’s membership will be suspended and the EC has the right to do so since there has been overspending where the candidate who is a runner-up will be declared as the winner.

Sunny Deol was fielded by BJP where he was the candidate for the Gurdaspur Lok Sabha seat which was done just a few days before the elections. Sunny Deol has contested against Sunil Jakhar, who was the Punjab Congress chief and he had defeated him with 80,000 votes which were in the Congress bastion of Punjab.

The actor-politician Vinod Khanna was the one who was earlier held at the seat of Gurdaspur seat and when the veteran actor had passed away, BJP had to look out for another face. The actor was dressed in jeans, blazer and white shirt and took the oath for MP on Tuesday where there were slogans and cheers all around like ‘Bharat Mata ki Jai’ which were from the treasury benches.

There was a notice given to Deol so that he can “reconcile” the expenditure made during the poll and this was issued by Vipul Ujjwal who is a Gurdaspur District Election Officer-cum-Deputy Commissioner.

The accounts to be reconciled will be continued till June 22 and 23. It was a further statement made by Ujjwal after concluding the elections that each and every candidate will be issued a notice so that they can reconcile their accounts.

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Written by Sanjana Murali

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