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Yellow dress officer is going viral and becomes an internet sensation

Reena Dwiwedi is a Lucknow resident who had recently shot to fame at the polling booth in Uttar Pradesh. Reena hails from Deoria district and is working in the Public Works Department as an assistant officer from 2013.

She has earlier worked during national election in 2014 and Uttar Pradesh state election in 2017 as well.

But it was one photograph in a yellow saree with black goggles and a wide smile taken by her friend on the election day that has taken her by storm.

Credits: IANS

Everyone over the internet is talking about it and she has even become at the centre of meme events.

She is undoubtedly basking the sudden surge of popularity and is enjoying when people in her own work station are taking selfies from her.

Reena’s son Aadit was overexcited after she shot to fame and he did a video call to his friends with his mother, just to prove that the yellow sari polling office is none other than his own mother. Truly both the mother-son duo are cherishing the moment.

Reena is a frequent gym visitor and is always focused on her fitness and diet regime. Before working at PWD she used to work in the insurance sector.

Reena is very disciplined in nature, she is always a commitment to the task in her hands and this has led her superiors to keep appreciating her work at all times.

On the other side of her fame, she is getting loads of friends request on her social networking pages every day, and many strangers are approaching her for a selfie and further to this, TV channels are visiting her house for TV interviews. This has made Reena uncomfortable at times.

Reena along with her husband Sanjay will be casting their vote on May 19 at Deoria which will hit the voting button on the last phase of Lok Sabha polls. The results of the Lok Sabha polls will be declared on May 23.

Amidst of all these events, some users in the social media also pointed out the Indian media is still behind TRPs and even questioned why the national channels are focusing on good looking women and making them viral. Some also asked that isn’t it an infringement of the right to privacy and stalking??

What do you think?

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